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Grow with Google - Get Your Business on Google Search and Google Maps

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Executive Summary

  1. What are Google Business Profiles?

  2. How to set one up

  3. How to manage it

  4. Important resources

What are Google Business Profiles?

Who are they for?

Brick and mortar businesses or service-based platforms (i.e., businesses that don’t have a physical location to visit, but provide certain services on-site). In other words, businesses that are e-commerce only aren’t a good fit for these profiles, as these profiles are focused on connecting local users to a local business, whereas e-commerce platforms usually service a larger area.

What are they used for?

Allowing local customers to search for you on Google and find you on Google Maps. Up-to-date business profiles are:

  • 2.7x more likely to be considered reputable by potential customers

  • 70% more likely to attract location visits

  • 50% more likely to lead to a purchase

How can I set one up?

If your business profile ALREADY exists:

  1. Do a Google search and see if your business profile already exists

  2. Scroll down on the profile and click on “Own this business? Claim it now”

  3. Enter some of your business’ details to claim your business


  • You’ll need a Google account to claim your business - it’s free and you can sign up here!

  • You don't need a Gmail to sign up! You can use any email address, but make sure that you check it often since Google will use it to reach out to you about your business.

If your business profile DOES NOT exist and you need to add your business to Google:

  1. Go to and click “Manage now”

  2. Click on “Add your business to Google”

  3. Add your business name

  4. Select a category for your business

    1. Find the best fit, even if it isn't the exact category. You can suggest a category to be added to Google later on.

    2. Google gives you the option to add 10 categories, but don’t feel the need to add all 10. Adding irrelevant categories will hurt your business visibility.

  5. Add an address

    1. If it's a home address, select no when it asks if you want your location to be visible on your profile. Hence, no one will see the address.

    2. However, you’ll still need to add an address if you selected no because Google needs to send you a postcard to verify if it’s a real address, and hence verify the business.

  6. You can add a service area, say, if you're a restaurant which delivers in a certain region.

    1. You can also add zip codes, cities, or counties.

How do I manage the profile?

Here’s some information to add to your profile and frequently check for accuracy/updates:

  • Services provided by your business

  • Hours of operation

  • Call or email information

  • Photos and videos up to 30 seconds

    • It might seem too short of a time frame, but you can convey a lot in 30 seconds!

  • A business description under 750 characters. This is very important!

    • In this section, Google looks for keywords related to your business so that it can decide when and whom to show your profile to on Google.

    • Try to incorporate 10-15 keywords important to your business.

    • Don’t add promotional content like discounts - there are other sections for that.

Some important features you want to make sure you use:

  • Messaging: Customers might want to message you on Google instead of calling or emailing because it’s more convenient for them.

  • You can add your products to your profile!

  • You can allow customers to add their photos to your profile!

    • This will allow you to see how people are using and enjoying your products or services.

    • You can also ask for permission to use the content in your social media.


This blog includes information from the Together for LA workshop "Grow with Google - Get Your Business on Google Search & Maps,” featuring guest speakers Israel Serna. Watch the webinar here.

Contact details of Israel Serna, a Grow with Google representative:

Additional Resources

More guidance for small businesses:

Marketing templates and guidance from Google:

For more help, contact or call (833) 473-2020.

Click here to read this information in Spanish.

“Grow with Google” Infographic

Download the below infographic:

PDF ENG Grow with Google
Download PDF • 65KB

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