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Your gift to ISD supports our core values of

resilience, collaboration, and innovation.

How you can give to ISD:

Give a gift in the amount of your choice. Your contribution to ISD supports the capacity of families, small businesses owners, government officials, and community and faith leaders to prevent and withstand future crises.​

  • Give $250 or more, and ISD will donate an emergency preparedness kit in your name to one (1) entrepreneur or individual owner/operator serving a low-income, vulnerable community.

  • Give $500 or more, and ISD will donate an emergency preparedness kit in your name to a micro-business or micro-enterprise (1-2 employees) serving a low-income, vulnerable community.

  • Give $1000 and ISD will provide a kit in your name to a small business or community organization (3-10 employees) serving the most vulnerable.

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Give your time. Looking to partner with ISD? Contact to learn more.


For more information, contact us at or 1 (833) 473-2020.

A gift to ISD supports recovery and resilience programming across the nation, especially for our most vulnerable and

hard-to-reach communities.

Together, we can boost resilience and disaster recovery  for the most vulnerable.

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