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 The Green and Blue Innovation Agenda

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2023 Report: Blue Economy Trends, Opportunities, and Recommendations

On March 22, 2023, ISD and SACC-USA released a report analyzing the value, growth, and opportunities of more than fifteen maritime industries. With the frequency, magnitude, and costs of water-based and man-made disasters increasing, this report emphasizes the need for blue innovation in climate change discourse and provides cross-sector and cross-industry recommendations for putting water-based research and development at the top of the agenda for climate technology and innovation.

Report made possible through the generous contributions of the U.S. Embassy in Sweden, Hummeltorp Sverige AB, and other supporters of ISD and SACC-USA.

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Available for free download:

Full Report
Executive Summary

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Featured Changemakers

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Verizon Climate Resilience Prize

The Verizon Climate Resilience Prize will award four companies a total of $500,000 to recognize and propel climate resilience solutions. The Prize empowers early stage companies with funding, ongoing support and networks to scale their solution for climate-resilience. Learn more and apply here.

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