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Kind Designs Receives Inaugural Hummeltorp Evolution Award


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November 10, 2022, Washington, D.C. – On November 4 at “The Power and Promise of the Blue Economy,” Kind Designs was awarded the “Hummeltorp Evolution Award” by Hummeltorp Sverige AB for their role as a game-changing problem-solver for ocean and marine challenges. Kind Designs "uses 3D Printing technology to print living seawalls that mimic coral reefs and mangroves, hosting biodiversity and improving the quality of water."

“As CEO of Hummeltorp USA and Hummeltorp Sweden, I am very proud that together with the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce of the USA, Inc. (SACC-USA), Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD), and U.S. Embassy in Sweden, we have now successfully been able to introduce the Hummeltorp Evolution Award - an important accolade for incentivizing sustainable development,” said Christer Otterström. “We are grateful for the fantastic startup projects that applied, and based on the five that were nominated, I want to congratulate the winners at Kind Designs for their important contribution for sea life habitats and biodiversity.”

“The U.S. and Sweden have endless potential for catalyzing the blue economy together,” said Karin Hammar, Executive Director of SACC-USA. “We look forward to promoting U.S.- and Sweden-based market solutions to climate imperatives, especially for the health and safety of our oceans, coasts, and waterways.”

Kind Designs Co-Founders James Layfield and Anya Freeman (2nd and 5th from left respectively) pictured with event hosts and speakers. Photo: SACC-USA.

In addition to Kind Designs, the four ocean start-ups below were featured during the “innovator showcase” portion of the event that represented a wide variety of blue industries, including: ship emissions capture, desalination, weather and ocean alkalinization, 3D-printed seawalls, and marine recovery of minerals and gasses.

  • Bond Energy is working to "make desalination more economically viable by commercializing the extraction of elemental resources from seawater."

  • Greener Process Systems hosts "patented, state-of-the-art technology to capture and reduce air pollution from oceangoing ships docked in ports to near zero."

  • Lilly1 Technology’s enhanced weather and ocean alkalinization enhancement tech "works with nature to maximize its potential without creating more problems in the process."

  • Sooner Mineral Recovery, Inc. catalyzes "innovation for sustainable & economical commodity extraction" and has been working on new tech for the "gating of divalent cations for commercial purposes."

Establishing an innovation pipeline for sustainability is a critical strategy for leaving a better Earth for future generations and empowering changemakers like Kind Designs. Hummeltorp created the Evolution Award to spotlight those disrupting the status quo of climate technology and to encourage and scale up ideas for tackling climate change. Kind Designs was awarded USD $5,000 to expand their business.

Hummeltorp is a part of the growing circular economy, where materials and products are reused instead of discarded. They take unprocessed spoil and clean and refine it in several steps before recycling it to constructions and fill material that often possesses superior properties and qualities than the original material. For more information, visit



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