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  • Erika Guzman Cornejo

How to Conserve Water at Your Business

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

As California enters its third year of drought, the California Natural Resources Agency called for Californians to do their part to avoid water conservation mandates in the near future. To avoid mandatory water conservation, implement the practices below for your business to start conserving water today. Not only are these practices beneficial to California’s drought emergency or anywhere your business is based, but water-efficient practices can reduce your business’ overhead costs, contribute to water safety, avoid expensive repairs, and ensure your business a reliable supply of water.

  • The first thing you should do is audit your business’ water usage in order to understand where your greatest waste is occurring.

  • Check for leaks and stay on top of maintenance. Although leaks may be small, their water waste can add up over time. Not only that, but ensuring your machinery is operating efficiently will minimize waste.

2. Operate water-intensive machinery efficiently

  • If your business uses machinery like dishwashers and washing machines, be sure to use them only when they are fully loaded.

  • When it is time to replace your water-intensive machinery, consider installing WaterSense- or ENERGY STAR-certified products.

3. Install water-efficient technology, such as

  • Low-flow restrictors, like aerated faucet heads

  • An insulation blanket on water heaters

  • Waterless urinals and high-efficiency toilets

  • Pre-rinse spray valves

  • Timers and controls to turn faucets off after set intervals

4. Practice efficient landscaping

  • Remove or minimize your landscape

  • Check sprinklers and coverage areas

    • Ensure that your sprinkler systems are being used efficiently

  • Install moisture sensors

    • Sensors will shut off sprinklers when they aren’t needed

  • Use drought-tolerant plants and native turfs

    • These plants will require minimal water because they are adapted to dry-weather conditions.

5. Reuse water

6. Empower your employees

  • Conserving water is a team effort. Set up business practices to reduce water waste and encourage your employees to champion them.

For more water conservancy guides and resources:

For more help, contact or call (833) 473-2020.

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“How to Conserve Water at Your Business” Infographic

Download the below infographic:

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