Recovery, Resilience and Transformation

Monday Programming: Focus on the Future of Business Engagement with Education, Science and Culture

October 15 Spotlight: Google and the Arts

Friday Programming: Focus on Long-Term Recovery

October 19 Spotlight: Housing Issues and Long-Term Recovery

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Our Issues

Long-Term Recovery - After disasters, ISD specializes in long-term recovery. We work with companies and communities on:

  • Needs assessments

  • Rural and low income community technical assistance and capacity building

  • Visioning, planning, and goal-setting

  • Small business, entrepreneurial base, and workforce development

  • Community economic development policy support

  • Resilient community evaluations and recommendations

  • Gap financing

  • Public-Private Partnership Facilitation

Resilience - Every community has weaknesses and vulnerabilities. ISD works with government leaders, nonprofit and business executives, and academics to capture best practices, develop strategies, identify needed investments, and build networks to become Resilience Ready.

Transformation - (aka the Future of Business and Innovation) -- we are in the early stages of what is sometimes known as the fourth Industrial Revolution or the Digital Revolution. The future of economic growth is predicated on innovation and creativity, and the future of social progress is predicated on this innovation and creativity being diffused and accessible to as many as people as possible. Businesses spend more money philanthropically on education than any other subject; they spend over $240 billion in R&D, and the entire $200 billion advertising and marketing industry alone depends on creativity. However, while there are many local success stories, the US continues to drop in global innovation, science, and math rankings. ISD's Education, Science, Culture and Business Network is designed to bring together leading experts across these disciplines to develop projects, campaigns, and policy recommendations to secure the future of the U.S. and expand its inclusiveness and accessibility.

Our Offerings

For Business:

  • Community Investment Strategies

  • Project Management

  • Storytelling, Video Documentation

  • Volunteer Support

  • Evaluation

For Communities and Policy Makers:

  • Strategic Plans

  • Needs Assessments

  • Capacity Building

  • Technical Assistance

  • Public-Private Partnership Facilitation


“The future is here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.”



Our Story

The Institute for Sustainable Development was founded in the North Carolina Research Triangle in 2007 by a unique partnership of academic, business and philanthropic leaders, which included Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro and Greater Durham Chambers of Commerce, and the Fenwick Foundation. The Institute has trained more than 200 chamber of commerce executives across the United States, and 160 small businesses and non-profits in twelve U.S. states.

In July 2017, the Institute started a new chapter. Now, serving as the not-for-profit arm of IO Sustainability, ISD builds on this legacy of bringing together business, academic, and other thought leaders to promote partnerships, policies, and projects that promote (a) community resilience and disaster recovery, and (b) long-term community transformation based on applied innovation and sustainable development principles.




Stay Connected



The Institute for Sustainable Development would like to acknowledge the following companies and organizations for their commitment to solving problems, promoting partnerships, and investing in long-term economic development and social progress:



California Resiliency Alliance

Fannie Mae


Guardian Insurance

NIMSAT - University of Louisiana - Lafayette

Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association


Texas Association of Business

Wells Fargo

and over 300 other companies, organizations, and government agencies that have participated in one or more of ISD's briefings, projects or programs since July of last year.