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Maryland Economic Resilience Resources

Maryland has been hit by multiple disasters, including COVID-19 and two thousand-year floods, in the past five years. Since 2003, there have been ten U.S. billion-dollar disasters that have affected Maryland and prompted Presidential Disaster Declarations in the state, such as COVID-19. Together, these disasters have accrued a total of $1.2 billion in public assistance costs for Maryland.


This resource page is designed to help businesses, chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, and emergency management offices recover from these and/or other disasters and to promote future economic resilience. 

 These services build on the 2020-2021 Maryland Economic Resilience and Disaster Recovery workshop series, co-hosted by ISD and the Howard County Economic Development Authority, and made possible by a generous grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

Click HERE to read our Maryland Report and Planning

Guide for emergency managers, economic development

officials, and other key stakeholders containing the lessons learned from the Maryland workshop series.


For more information and technical assistance, including

questions about where to find specific resources, please


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ISD and HCEDA hosted the "Second Annual Maryland Economic Resilience and

Disaster Recovery Conference" in September 2021 with local, regional, and state

emergency management and  economic development leaders.

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