Group Lecture


Top 10 Community Development Influencers of 2020

By ISD Community


To Expand the Economy, Invest in Black Businesses


 Impact of COVID-19 on Small Business Owners of Color

By Christine Guinessey

Halftone Image of Crowd


COVID-19: Economic and Social Fallout

By Stephen Jordan

Planning Travels

Lessons Learned from International Responses to Covid-19

By Stephen Sisel

Wooden Hut

Rural Resilience in Response to COVID-19

By Patty Pelingon

Cloudy Day

Co-Evolution: Re-engineering Human Networks, Rebuilding Natural Systems

By Douglas Chen-Young

Los Angeles

COVID-19 in Los Angeles and Southern California

By Christine Guinessey

Colleagues at Work

 Leadership Tips for Morale Building 

By Rachel Kleinhandler

Forest Fire

Deja Vu Disasters

By Stephen Jordan

Files and Packages


COVID-19 and the Proliferation of Fraud

By Hunter Williams

Mountain Path

Colorado’s Excellent Response in a Time of Crisis

By Sachin Goradia

Writing on a Clipboard

Tips for Vetting COVID-19 Information/Misinformation

By Hunter Williams