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 ISD Programming

Issues We're Following:

Current Work in Progress:

  • Enhancing Community Minority and Women-Owned Business (MWBE)  Support Systems

  • Emergency Management and Economic Development  Training

  • Island Sustainability Technical assistance

For Research and Technical Assistance Queries please contact

Everyone has such great and genuine hearts to help and serve, I feel very blessed to have gotten to see this from the inside as this is my heart also."

     - Chad Walton

       CEO, Snapspace Solutions

We have to make development and disaster resilience work better for the long term, particularly for the folks who can afford set-backs the least." 

      - Stephen Jordan

       CEO, Institute for Sustainable Development

  • International and U.S. Response to COVID-19 

  • Community Stabilization and Re-Opening

Need Community Recovery and Resilience Advice?


We Serve:


Chambers of Commerce | Economic Development Organizations  |  Municipalities  | Corporate Citizens 

Community Foundations |  Entrepreneurship Organizations | Non-Profit Coalitions 

Public-Private Partnerships | Rising Leaders and Students

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 Response Support 


  • Business Surveys

  • Economic Impact Assessment

  • Resource Management & Mobilization

  • Technical Teams

  • HEALS/Skill-Sharing

Resilience & Long-Term Recovery Strategies 


  • Asset Mapping

  • Needs Assessment

  • Whole of Society Engagement 

  • Resilience READI program

Investing in the Future

  • READI Fund

  • Grant & Reource Identification

  • Public-private Partnerships

Technical Assistance


  • Help Desk 

  • Mentoring & Capacity Building

  •  Sustainable Buyers Guide

  • Best Practice Research

  • Resilience Hub


  • Workshops

  • Exercises

  • Training Programs

  • Long-Term Recovery Calls

  • Web-based Seminars

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