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Current Work in Progress:

  • Researching Recovery and Resilience Lessons Learned from 2020

  • Developing metro public-private partnerships for recovery and resilience

  • Developing state recovery and resilience policies and programs

  • Researching best practices for sustainable development for black communities

  • Developing a national framework for assisting small towns and rural communities

  • Researching Co-Evolution - how built and natural communities either reinforce or devolve each other in light of wildfires, floods, droughts, and other disasters

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Everyone has such great and genuine hearts to help and serve, I feel very blessed to have gotten to see this from the inside as this is my heart also."

     - Chad Walton

       CEO, Snapspace Solutions

We have to make development and disaster resilience work better for the long term, particularly for the folks who can afford set-backs the least." 

      - Stephen Jordan

       CEO, Institute for Sustainable Development

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  • Resilience READI program

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  •  Sustainable Buyers Guide

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