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Midwest Tornado Outbreak: Insurance Resources for Individuals

Insurance can be overwhelming and tricky to manage following a tornado or other disaster. If you were recently impacted by the Midwest tornadoes and are looking for insurance guidance, check out our resources below.

  • FOX Weather: "What you should do if your property sustained tornado damage"

    • Call your insurance company ASAP and consider getting an advance payment for quick assistance. Keep a record of anyone you've talked to with your company.

    • Keep ALL relevant receipts - repairs, temporary housing, etc.

    • Prepare for paperwork and the chance that the insurance company will send an adjuster to assess damages.

      • The more info that you can provide, the faster your claim can be settled.

    • Get bids for repairs from contractors BEFORE any work starts and compare these bids with the adjuster's report.

    • Watch out for scams.

  • Policygenius: "Does homeowners insurance cover tornado damage?"

    • "While tornado damage itself is covered by homeowners insurance, any flooding that happens during the storm would not be covered. Residents of tornado-prone areas with any amount of flood risk should consider flood insurance to supplement their homeowners insurance policy."

  • Voss Law Firm: "How Long Do I Have To Submit A Tornado Insurance Claim For My Business?"

  • Kiplinger: "How to File Tornado Insurance Claims"

    • "You're your own best advocate." You don't have to accept the amount your insurance offers, and you can ask your insurer to reimburse you later for exceeded costs.

    • Make a list of all destroyed/damaged items for your adjuster and provide receipts for these items if available, also known as a "home inventory."

      • The same goes for accommodations, temporary repairs, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

  • "How to Document Damage for a Homeowners Insurance Claim"

  • Texas Department of Insurance

  • Insurance Information Institute

  • Lane Law Firm: "6 Colossal Mistakes Homeowners Make With Insurance Claims"

  • The Balance: "Information to Seek About Your Tornado Insurance Coverage"

  • "5 essential questions to ask if a tornado damages your car"

  • LoPriore Insurance Agency, Inc.: "Don't Have Homeowner's Insurance? 5 Risks You Must Know"

  • Trusted Choice: "Q&A Renters: Does Renters Insurance Cover Tornado Damage?"

  • FirstCall Insurance Loss Reclamation Experts for the Midwest and Southeast Regions

    • Help for tornado damage insurance claims

  • National Association of Insurance Commissioners

    • For finding state/jurisdiction insurance department contact info, state/jurisdiction-licensed insurance agents, and filing complaints about insurance companies/agents


    • For finding and applying for assistance, locating hotels for shelter

  • FEMA Disaster Support Social Graphics

    • Graphics for debris removal, disaster assistance/aid, recovery, storm damage, etc.

  • Crisis Cleanup

  • Disaster Distress Helpline: call or text 1-800-985-5990

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Mar 12, 2022

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