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  • Emily Vainstein

2021 Upcoming Events: Housing Recovery and Resilience

The Geography of Gentrification and Residential Mobility

· When: February 12, 2021

· Where: Online

· What: This webinar hosted by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University will examine the major causes and consequences of gentrification. It will compare neighborhoods that have and have not been gentrifying at various national and city levels as well as how this has impacted residential mobility.

· Who: The webinar will be hosted by Hyojung Lee, and research presented by Kristin Perkins.

· Cost: Free with registration

NeighborWorks Equity Housing: Creating Lasting Affordability and Community Ownership

· When: February 17, 2021, 1pm to 5pm EST

· Where: Online (Registration available:

· What: This event is a symposium designed to give an introduction and background in to the benefits of using shared equity housing strategies for your community. It will also address partnerships with state and local governments as well as how to best support equity among residents. The event will discuss efforts and skills to combat gentrification and displacement within housing as well.

· Who: The event is open to the public but designed for affordable housing and community development position holders as well as staff and leaders of nonprofits, health and government sectors.

· Cost: Free with registration

Discover the Possibilities with Home Possible Mortgages

· When: February 17, 2021

· Where: Online

· What: This webinar offers a course in expanding homeownership opportunities with low to moderate income

· Who: Hosted by Freddie Mac

· Cost: Free with Registration

Toward a Racially Just Housing System: A National Symposium

· When: February 24, 2021

· Where: Online

· What: This symposium is a series of events that will take a closer look at how to change the housing system to better serve communities of color that have long been failed. It will look at how racism has impacted housing values as well as home ownership of people of color.

· Who: There are a variety of key note speakers discussing each topic.

· Cost: $125 per person if registered before February 17, $200 per person after February 17

House Price Increases and US City Migration Networks

· When: February 26, 2021, 12:15 pm EST

· What: This event, hosted by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, will focus on housing price cycles in various regions and how these changes impact their economies. The presentation will examine how these shocks cycles and shocks increase housing prices and how migration flows impact these regions.

· Who: Gregor Schubert, a PhD candidate in business economics will be discussing these topics.

· Cost: Free with Registration

Policy Dialogue and Forum on New Governance Strategies for Urban Design

· When: March 17, 2021

· What: This event will discuss how to use a wide variety of practices, both regulatory and non-regulatory towards urban planning and design. It will examine various case studies of past projects.

· Who: This event is hosted by UN Habitat in collaboration with the Portuguese Presidency

· Cost: Free with registration

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

· When: March 24, 2021, 2pm EST

· What: This event is a series of 6 webinars each addressing different sectors of the housing industry. It will cover topics on research, policies and practices that cover communities nationwide.

· Who: Leaders within the housing sector will be present at this event

· Cost: Free with registration

NLIHC Virtual Housing Policy Forum 2021

· When: March 30 to 31, 2021

· Where: Online (Registration:

· What: This Forum will address racial equity and justice within the housing industry as well as how COVID has impacted emergency and assistance housing programs. It will also look at how the new presidency and election results will impact affordable housing throughout the country.

· Who: There will be a wide variety of keynote speakers and panelists from within the industry

· Cost: $50 per member, $75 per nonmember, $5- $10 low income member rate

Novogradac 2021: Affordable Housing Conference

· When: April 29 to 30, 2021

· Where: Online

· What: The agenda is yet to be determine but will focus on a variety of affordable housing topics.

· Who: The Speakers include the leaders at novogradac

· Cost: Registration open to Novogradac members

Night of Covenant House Stars 2021

· When: May 17, 2021, 8pm EST

· Where: Online

· What: This event is held annually to celebrate young people who are facing homelessness at the Covenant House. It is used ot help collect donations and support the efforts of the Covenant House.

· Who: Night of Covenant House Stars is a sponsored event with a variety of guests.

· Cost: Donations accepted with registration

Global Affordable Housing Conference

· When: May 24 through August 27, 2021

· Where: The World Bank, Washington, DC

· What: This conference will include a series of events on topics such as planning, financing and constructing affordable housing as well solutions for safe and affordable housing.

· Who: Both public and private sectors will be accommodated in the conference and the selection committee is looking for innovative thinkers to reach 2030 goals.

· Cost: Entry Fees TBA

Resilience Summit 2021

· When: August 26, 2021

· Where: Online

· What: This event will focus on the newest technologies and research around more sustainable and resilient housing and building techniques, designs, materials and methods.

· Who: This event is hosted by Greenbuild

· Cost: TBA

Solutions for Affordable Housing 2021

· When: November 17, 2021

· Where: TBA

· What: This event, hosted by the National Housing Conference will examine policy solutions to address the most significant housing challenges.

· Who: Leaders in the Administration and Congress will speak on these issues.

· Cost: TBA

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