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  • Erika Guzman Cornejo

Building an Online Storefront

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

There are many benefits to establishing your business online (especially during COVID), such as:

  • Maintaining your business’ website can promote your sales and encourage your customers to refer or recommend you to their network.

  • Online storefronts allow your customers to purchase your product or solicit your services any hour of the day, not just during business hours.

Follow these tips for a successful online business launch or to improve your current digital practices:

Tell your company’s story

  • With a physical storefront, customers can engage and interact with your brand without having to say a word. It is important to make an impression and provide a clear, consistent and compelling message that establishes your brand and identity online.

  • Make your list of products and services easy to find, view, and understand.

  • If your company is product-based, include pictures and descriptions. Provide your digital customers with as much information as they would have interacting with your products in-person.

  • If your company is service-based, be clear about what services you offer. Think of ways to provide your services virtually, such as virtual lessons, programs, and events.

  • You can use a third-party online payment system or create your own.

  • Any payment system will require a secure payment gateway between credit card companies and the payment processor, a payment processor that manages card transactions (i.e.: Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe,) and a merchant account that your business will use to accept payments.

Move your regular customers online

  • Create a referral network by welcoming your current customers with a discount on their first purchase on your online storefront. This will encourage them to refer their friends and family with your website handy.

  • You don't need to have a social media presence everywhere. Choose the platform that best suits your market. This is a more interactive aspect to your business - use it to show off aspects of your products or services that are harder to convey through a website.

  • Social media can build trust by establishing authenticity, improve website visits, boost sales, increase brand awareness, and improve customer support.

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Additional Resources:

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