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  • Erika Guzman Cornejo

Attracting Job Candidates to Your Small Business

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

As seen by the Great Resignation, employers are struggling to keep their employees at work. With hundreds of job openings in any given location or industry, it is dire to make your business stand out amongst the rest. The pandemic has changed the job recruitment scene as employees are looking for accommodating environments that are compatible with our COVID-19 reality. Consider the following tips to improve your business’ employee recruitment.

1. Advertise yourself

  1. If you experience foot traffic, make your job openings visible to those visiting your store. Individuals that connect with your business are much more likely to apply and mention the opening to their network than those who find the listing on a job bulletin.

2. Don't discount job recruitment sites

  1. Consider posting your openings to job recruitment sites like Indeed.

  2. Recruitment services like the American Jobs Center can work one-on-one with your business to recruit and hire talent. This resource sources qualified candidates, pre-screens them, and markets your job posting on their local job center networks. You can find your local American Job Center of California (AJCC) here.

3. Offer a competitive wage

  1. With hundreds of minimum wage jobs, the most straightforward way to persuade potential applicants to choose your business is by offering a competitive wage.

  2. If your business cannot afford to offer a competitive wage, make your business stand out with an accommodating environment. This could look like providing flexibility and understanding during emergencies or opportunities to work remotely.

  3. Consider hiring younger individuals with less experience, offering them potential to grow within your company.

  1. Be clear about your business’ COVID practices. Applicants may be discouraged by the possibility that your business participates in practices that are incompatible with their own. Leave little room for doubt and market yourself to applicants wholly.

5. Offer perks that support overall health

  1. COVID-19 has put an incredible strain on everyone’s mental, physical, and emotional health. Think of ways you can support your employees’ overall health and promote these perks in your hiring campaigns. These perks can be as simple and inexpensive as flexible scheduling, training opportunities, or a work environment that promotes work/life balance.

  1. Make sure your job description is informative, detailed, and true to the nature of the job. Consider including your employee compensation rate. Excluding compensation can discourage individuals from applying, leading them to assume you are offering minimum wage.

  2. If you are offering minimum wage, make that clear in your job posting and use your business’ other qualities to attract applicants.

7 . Describe your organization’s culture

  1. A positive work environment is a great selling point. If you have a strong social media presence and are using it to advertise job openings, make posts that represent what a day in the life of an employee at your business looks like. Potential applicants that connect to and value your company’s culture will be motivated to apply.

For more employee recruitment resources:

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Attracting Job Candidates to Your Small Business” Infographic

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