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Roxana has over 20 years of experience working in leadership roles in the public, private and non-profit 
sectors. She is currently Chief Financial Officer of the Institute for Sustainable Development. For five years 
prior she served as COO at IO Sustainability, a management consulting firm, focused on sustainability 
issues at the intersection of public, private and non-profit sectors. In the non-profit sector, she led the 
Hispanic Council on International Relations, as its first President, and served as Vice President of the US 
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the leading Hispanic business association the country.


For 12 years Ms. Jordan led JDG, an international consulting practice     working with US based Latin 
American and Caribbean international development organizations advancing US goals in the region. Ms. 
Jordan also worked closely with US and LAC private sector organizations helping to build closer ties 
between the two.

Roxana has held several positions in the Administration including at HUD, under Secretary Jack Kemp, as 
Senior Advisor for Legislative and Community Outreach and on Capitol Hill as Professional Staff on the 
Merchant Marine Committee/Panama Canal Subcommittee.


Ms. Jordan has appeared on TV and electronic media, as well as written for a variety of publications, 
including: C - Span, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. She is 
an alumna of Tulane University, LSU and Georgetown University.