Washington State

Providing resources for long-term recovery and resiliency.


 Disaster Preparedness & Recovery


Is an information source intended to give suggestions and guidance to individuals in the preparation for an emergency or survival situation. 

Washington Business Preparedness Survey

A survey to assess the readiness of state businesses to help local emergency preparedness planners understand local business needs and abilities to prepare for and recover from natural and man-made disasters.

When Trouble Strikes: A Crisis Planner

A business crisis isn’t a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Whether it’s a robbery, a leaking room, the death of the owner or the wrath of Mother Nature, a disaster can strike at any time. This planner will help you identify possible crises affecting your business and help you either minimize their impact or avoid them crisis altogether. An essential planner for any small business.


Provides resources and best practice information for public and private stakeholders who are seeking to rebuild their local economies after a disaster as well as assisting the business community in preparing for a disaster. It is a one-stop shop for disaster preparedness, post-disaster economic recovery, and disaster resiliency resources, tools, event announcements as well as opportunities to connect with peers through social media groups. The following is a list of reports and guides that will assist you in your search.

International Sustainable Resilience Center

Works to bring global expertise in disaster resilience, sustainability, and public-private partnerships together to help offset the growing threat of disasters around the world.

Protect Food and Water During Hurricanes and Other Storms

The US Food and Drug Administration provides steps you can take to preserve your food and water during storms.

Disaster Assistance Improvement Program

DAIP’s mission is to provide disaster survivors with information, support, services, and a means to access and apply for disaster assistance through joint data-sharing efforts between federal, tribal, state, local, and private sector partners.