Tatjana Lowe Jurek

Senior Fellow

Tatjana is a visionary professional with 14 years of experience in international and multilateral cooperation to drive changes and support capacity-building in education and culture.

In her fellowship with the Institute for Sustainable Development, Tatjana leverages her strategic and multicultural competences, her work experiences with policy-makers, academia and non-profits to help build relationships and to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and best practices, including with international ESC-stakeholders. She also supports the Institute through research, presentations, event planning and management.

Before relocating to the U.S., Tatjana served 7 years as Senior Policy Advisor to the German Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs on all matters related to UNESCO and the Council of Europe. She is recognized for her contributions to policy and program design, representing the German states in steering committees and high level conferences. Tatjana is known for leading programs aimed at capacity-building while ensuring the compliance with international agreements, such as the World Cultural Heritage program, Education for Sustainable Development, and projects on Democracy and Participation and Intercultural Dialogue.

Her prior achievements as Technical Advisor on Foreign Educational Systems included her research and contributions to create a knowledge-base on educational qualifications and her translation of standards for recognition of foreign credentials into German national policies through her committee work with the German Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs.

Tatjana holds an M.A. in Modern History, Romance Literature and Languages from the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn, including two years of study in France and Italy, and she is certified in Communication Studies by the Ruhr University of Bochum. She currently lives with her family in Baltimore (MD), where she also works with low-income communities through teaching with Art with a Heart.