Response Support

Business Needs Surveys

  • Business needs surveys are another way to identify needs. They can be administered through a hotline, online, or through your existing organization. Data from the survey can be used to build a business case for future financial support or program development. They also help identify companies in need of case management. 


Resource Management & Mobilization

  • When a disaster happens, resources become available to communities, that may not have been accessible previously. Government programs, volunteers and donations start to flow in. Managing this process, and mobilizing support to address emerging issues and needs becomes increasingly difficult. We can work with you to help manage this process, and mobilize the best resources to accelerate your recovery and resiliency.

Technical Teams

  • ISD has access to a range of experienced, knowledgeable technical experts in the field. Our team doesn't  just have theoretical expertise, but they have practical field experience as well. They know what does and doesn't work. Some of the more common themes we have worked on include business and economic recovery and resiliency, workforce development, food security, tourism development and capacity building.

  • We work with you to determine the types of skills and experience required to meet your needs, and put custom technical teams together to work with you on your most pressing needs.

HEALS/Skill-Sharing Program

  • One of the  key challenges we've seen with disasters is that they get framed as sudden shocks, chronic streses like violence, and tend to fly under the radar. One strategy that can be used in advance is building commmunity social capital in advance. Our HEALS/Skill-Sharing approach does just that.