Resilience & Long-Term Recovery Strategies

Asset Mapping

  • Every community has unique assets. It is important to understand what they are in advance of a disaster to ensure you can respond and recover quickly. 

  • ISD works with you to map community assets and identify gaps. This information is critical to ensure you have the right assets available, to mobilize when and if necessary.


Needs Assessments

  • Community needs assessments can be done prior to a disaster, during or after. This information is critical to the development of preparedness, response and recovery strategies. Identification of unmet needs, provides direction for future intervention and implementation tactics.


Whole of Society Engagement 

  • One of our core values is whole of society engagement.

  • We believe communities need to engage all sectors of society if they truly want to be resilient.

  • ISD helps you engage civil society/non-profit organizations, the public and private sector in your various strategies.

Resilience READI program

  • This proprietary ISD program was developed as a result of the significant field experience our team has gained working in the disaster recovery and resiliency field for over 20 years.

  • We work with communities to gain broad acceptance of resiliency, assess and mitigate risks, engage stakeholders, develop frameworks and assist with implementation.

  • Check out our program here.