Community Strengthening

Researching solutions to answering the problem of how communities should prioritize their investments to promote resilience. What are the investments that have historically helped communities bounce back from disasters? What are the gaps that caused some communities to recover more slowly? Building the business case and prioritizing investments in critical, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure is vital in this era where unexpected extreme weather, climate, geological, and human events can happen in unpredictable ways. Smart, secure, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure should be profitable, support growth, and save lives. This signature initiative of ISD will leverage IO Sustainability’s landmark Project ROI methodology to analyze and prioritize critical infrastructure investments for smart, secure, sustainable and resilient community development.

Long-Term Recovery Partnership Project

The mission of the Long-Term Recovery Partnership Project (LPP) of the Institute for Sustainable Development is to facilitate the inclusion of private sector and civil society participation in the national disaster recovery framework. The LPP will (a) enhance alignment, coordination, and collaboration with public sector disaster recovery implementers, (b) provide supplemental technical assistance and access to specialized subject matter expertise to communities, and (c) support the delivery of services to under-served individuals and communities.

Education, Science and Culture Business Network

To help the United States find new approaches, reverse current negative trends, and become a global center of excellence for education, science, and culture (ESC). We plan to carry out this mission by creating relationships and partnerships with US and International ESC-networks to share knowledge and learn from best practices.