Resilience and recovery Technical services

We are in the business of promoting community continuity. We do this by providing:

  • Resilience and Long-Term Recovery Strategies

  • Help Desks for Small Businesses and Under-Served Communities

  • Critical Resilience and Recovery Stakeholder Maps and Engagement

  • Asset Mapping and Needs Assessments

  • Skill-Sharing and Skills-Based Volunteer Support Systems and Mobilization

  • Grant, contract, and investment seeking, monitoring, and administration support services

workshops, training, convening and networking

Several lessons learned undergird these services: (1) the worst time to exchange business cards is after a disaster, (2) at any given time, different communities are working through different stages of the community development and recovery continuum — there are so many issues, and so little support, that it is good to hear how other communities are coping with similar challenges, (3) resilience and long-term recovery are different, specialized disciplines, and a new body of knowledge and networks need to be built up to support them, and (4) no single agency, organization or company can tackle every community development or recovery problem — a “network of networks” is the only way to truly crowd-source solutions.


  • Introduction to Resilience and Effective Practices

  • Introduction to Long-Term Recovery and Effective Practices

  • Leveraging Public, Private, and Civil Society Resources

  • Introduction to Socio-Economics and Co-Evolution (Systems Approaches to Social - Built - Natural Human Eco-Systems)

  • The Role of Business in Community Environmental, Social, and Security Challenges


  • Long-Term Recovery Spotlight Calls (Fridays, 3pm ET)

  • Resilience Working Conference (November 6-8, Miami, Florida)

Thematic networks

Business and Education, Science and Culture

To help the United States find new approaches, reverse current negative trends, and become a global center of excellence for education, science, and culture (ESC). We plan to carry out this mission by creating relationships and partnerships with US and International ESC-networks to share knowledge and learn from best practices. 

Business Action for Community Health

Building on the research that Babson College and IO Sustainability undertook to analyze the business return on investment for investing in community health, this thematic network conducts shark tanks, forums, trainings, discussions, and originates solutions to complex community health problems, pre- and post- disaster.


regional networks

information services