Kimberly King

Senior Advisor

Kimberly launched her first sustainable business at the age of 21 in residential solar energy systems. Today’s King’s broad scope of experience includes financial services and economic development; CSR marketing, branding & communications; civic engagement and resilient communities, and intergenerational empowerment programs for women, seniors & youth. Her unique perspective reflects 20+ yrs as a pioneer in systems thinking, regenerative practices and collaborative innovation.

Clients and affiliates include: American Express, Coca-Cola, AT&T, American Medical Assoc, AARP, Nt’l Credit Union Assoc, the Cities of Los Angeles, Chicago, Beverly Hills and San Juan, Puerto Rico, LA Economic Development Corp, the World Trade Center Association, NBC, PBS, and the United Nations. King’s innovative marketing & development strategies have generated an estimated $4B dollars in revenue for partners to date.

Kimberly King is Founder and Director of One Island Institute and CEO of HumanTec Labs. She serves as Vice President of the International Women's Think Tank and is a co-founder of WIESD, Women in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development, based in Sweden and the US.  

She currently serves the Board/Advisors for StartUp Societies, the Social Evolution Foundation, The Interfaith Observer, Wonder Women Tech and the Major Women's Working Group for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Kimberly King is an international speaker, media producer and featured co-author in the “Power of Team. She has worked and traveled to nearly 70 countries and is an honored recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Global Humanitarian Award.