Noah’s Town Review

Maury Forman’s Noah’s Town: Where Animals Reign is an essential read for any entity interested in community planning & natural disaster resilience. Essentially a how to manual for economic planners, Forman’s concise and entertaining tale is an informative and witty story replete with puns.


Noah’s Town revolves around a community of animals descended from the passengers of Noah’s Ark who have settled in a thriving community they have inhabited for decades. Although this community is prosperous, there are covert faults- particularly in the lack of natural disaster adaptation and mitigation strategies. It takes the observant eye of a young donkey named Maya to recognize the problem and remediate the lack of planning before it is too late.

An engrossing and educational novella, Forman has written a timely and pithy fable that is a necessity for economic planners and disaster strategists alike.

Blair Hassett