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Upcoming Events

SEPTEMBER 21, 2022:

Sweden Leads the Way: How Swedish Business is

Driving the Green Economy Forward

New York City, New York

Sweden come to the Big Apple for Climate Week 2022! As a part of our commitment toward sustainability and the green economy, the Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) and Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce USA (SACC-USA) invite you to the Green Innovation Leadership Forum, hosted during NYC Climate Week 2022. Featuring:

  • A Keynote Luncheon on: “The Importance of Green Economy Leadership”

  • Topical discussions on innovation, investment and developing new ideas, products, and markets

  • Opportunities for collaboration

Confirmed speakers include:

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OCTOBER 12, 2022:

The Blue Economy Initiative

Gothenburg, Sweden


An ocean of opportunity awaits in Gothenburg, where ISD, the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce USA (SACC-USA), and U.S. Embassy in Sweden are hosting the Blue Economy Initiative. Featuring:

  • Innovator showcase highlighting blue economy innovators from Swedish universities

  • Interactive roundtables on challenges and solutions for leading blue economy industries, from tourism and ocean clean-up to shipbuilding and aquaculture

  • Networking and engagement opportunities

Confirmed speakers include:

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NOVEMBER 3-4, 2022:

Connecting the Dots Between the Blue and Green Economies

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Thought leaders and catalysts for the blue and green economies will join forces in Florida this fall to develop an action agenda for promoting the best of both economies. Join ISD and the Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce USA (SACC-USA) for an exciting program featuring:

Confirmed speakers include:

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Resources for Small Businesses


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About Together for LA

From the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC): "Together for L.A. is doing this work in recognition of the fact that Los Angeles County is home to more than 1.3 million small businesses, including more women and BIPOC owned small businesses than any other county in the nation. These employer and non-employer establishments provide the majority of jobs and income for the ten million residents of America’s most populous and diverse county and tens of thousands of these enterprises remain at significant risk due to the disruptions caused by the pandemic.  As of March 2021, small business revenues in LA County are still down by more than 30%. The Together for L.A. collaborative is committed to working as a combined force to advance a more equitable economic recovery." Learn more at


Together for LA Launch Event Video Recap:
July 27, 2021


From the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC): "The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) and Together for L.A. collaborative partners celebrated the launch of the Together for L.A. program on July 27th.

Bill Allen, President and CEO of LAEDC welcomed attendees, partners and gave special recognition and thanks to program sponsor, Wells Fargo. 'This work is critical in Los Angeles County as we are home to more than 1 million small businesses, more than any other county in the nation. And the vast majority of these enterprises are owned by women and people of color. They are responsible for most of the growth in jobs in our region and for creating wealth in our communities. And they’ve also been the hardest hit by the pandemic. They continue to suffer disproportionately during this ongoing but still uneven recovery phase,' Bill shared.

Luis Gonzales, Vice President of Social Impact and Sustainability of Wells Fargo and Company congratulated the Open for Business Fund grant recipients and stressed the importance of investing in and supporting our small business communities as we recover from the pandemic, grow and move forward.

A video presentation showcased how each partner has committed to serving women owned and diverse owned businesses with curated programs and resources, followed by a dynamic panel discussion with partner representatives, moderated by Angela Amirkhanian, Together for LA Program Manager. Panelists were Jessica Ku Kim, Vice President of Economic and Workforce Development from LAEDC; Maria S. Salinas, President and CEO of LA Chamber of Commerce; Dr. Lucy Jones, Founder of the Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society; Stephen C. Jordan, CEO of ISD; Tunua Thrash-Ntuk, Executive Director of LISC LA; Carolyn Hull, General Manager of City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department; and Ernesto Bobadilla, Lead Program Manager, LA County Office of Small Business, Department of Consumer and Business Affairs.

Supervisor Hilda Solis delivered remarks on behalf of LA County and said, 'small and diverse owned businesses and micro-enterprises are incredibly important to LA County’s economic and social fabric – and through this work, small businesses can learn about resources and programs available to them, find new sources of relief funding, learn new techniques to reinvent and recover, learn how to become a qualified County supplier, and overcome challenges experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.'"

Together for LA Community Leader Meet-Up:
January 2022


Together for LA Briefing on CAL OES and FEMA Resources:
February 25, 2022


Together for LA Preview of Second Report and Review of Non-Profit Resources:
April 6, 2022


December 2020 Report on LA's COVID-19 Small Business Response


The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has not only been a public health disaster, but it has also caused massive social and economic fallout throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world. The importance of small business to the Los Angeles region has been widely recognized by both the public and private sectors. Local government, businesses, and community foundations have combined and mobilized more than $204 million dollars toward COVID-19 small business relief efforts to date in the region. This is the single largest metropolitan small business relief effort in the United States, followed by Chicago, New York, Miami, and Dallas.

Made possible thanks to the generous support of Wells Fargo, Together For LA: First Report on LA’s COVID-19 Small Business Response captures how this response has evolved, identifies key challenges, and provides insights and recommendations from a diverse range of small business owners and leading economic recovery assistance providers in Los Angeles.

Unemployment in L.A. County reached a high point of 21.1% in May 2020 with 716,000 jobs lost to date. As of October 2020 data, the unemployment rate had declined to 12.3%, showing a significant recovery, but still historically high.  Much more needs to be done and the situation is tenuous for most small businesses in the region. Over 140,000 small businesses have applied for assistance to date in the LA region.

This report covers the challenges identified by public and private sector economic responders, and offers recommended next steps to increase the resilience of the small business community and the broader economy.




June 2022 Second Together for LA Report:
Small Business Recovery Report and Resource Guide

On June 24, 2022, the Together for Los Angeles (TFLA) collaborative for small business recovery met with key LA stakeholders like small businesses, community leaders, and philanthropy to discuss the needs, solutions, and future of small business resiliency in LA. ISD released the second TFLA report capturing the top technical assistance priorities for LA's small business ecosystem, as well as the network of small business and nonprofit services in LA. Collaborative and report made possible by the Wells Fargo Open for Business Fund. Learn more at