Becky Chung

West Coast Coordinator 

Becky Chung is the West Coast Coordinator for the Institute for Sustainable Development. She is the manager of the NGO-Corporate Partnerships team at the Roberts Environmental Center. In February 2018, she organized a conference that brought together corporations and NGOs interested in sustainability to network and collaborate. Some panelists included a VP at the VF Corporation, Executive Officer of Sustainability for LA Metro, the Director of Corporate and Foundational Relations for The Nature Conservancy, and Stephen Jordan, the CEO of the Institute. 

Becky has traveled to all seven continents and is passionate about finding private sector solutions for environmental issues. She has a strong background of working with national environmental nonprofits, including The Sierra Club, iMatter Youth, and SustainUS. She has researched rural agricultural issues in Thailand and the growth of global agri-businesses.

She is a sophomore at Claremont McKenna College, dual majoring in Government and History. At her college, she is the recipient of the full-tuition Seaver Scholarship, Appel Fellowship and Envirolab Asia Fellowship.