Resilience READY Workshop
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Resilience READY Workshop

One dollar in preparedness is worth up to seven dollars in recovery, and yet most communities are consistently under prepared for the risks that they face. This working conference is designed to be a support mechanism for community resilience advocates, designed to develop communications and persuasion strategies, and provide mutual assistance, building on the lessons learned from Project Impact and other successful resilience strategies that have worked in the past

ISD’s Resilience READY© approach is not tied to any government or political party. It is a “whole of society” approach that leverages the public, non-profit and private sectors. It is a new and improved approach, built on a proven model, tested and applied in over 250 communities. Its grassroots approach is more integrated with a needs assessment and systematic process of stakeholder engagement. Our comprehensive framework enhances the way regions prevent and prepare for disasters, and helps break the “damage-repair-damage-repair” cycle.  It also helps communities capitalize on positive resources within their regions, allowing them to become more disaster resistant and resilient.  By forming public-private-nonprofit partnerships, assessing risk, prioritizing needs, and utilizing disaster management/resiliency expertise, Resilience READY© communities will be able to take collaborative actions that prepare and protect them from future disasters.

Over the next year, ISD will be rolling out the Resilience READY© program across North America and beyond. This workshop will:

  •  Showcase ISD’s leadership in helping communities become more disaster-resilient

  • Expose attendees to the Resilience READY© concept, allowing them to actually apply the concept to a hypothetical (or real) scenario

  • Provide attendees with real time feedback on their scenario

  • Encourage attendees to become more involved with ISD’s products/services in the future

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3:30 PM15:30

Using ISO Standards to Improve Community Resilience

Presenter: Robert B. Pojasek, Ph.D.

Date/Time:January 26, 2018; 3:00PM Eastern Time

Free for ISD Supporters and Council Members; $79 for Non-Members

Community preparation and response to large storms and wildfires has become extremely expensive in more ways than one.  This has prompted Moody’s to change its ratings on community development. It is likely that other rating setting organizations will follow suit.  Lower ratings for communities involved in long-term recovery efforts means capital costs will be compounded and have a ripple effect on community services and future plans.

A new sustainability standard for communities (ISO 37101:2016) has been developed that can help with these issues.  This webinar will explain it, and demonstrate how the use of the standard will lead to enhanced mitigation and financial access outcomes ( ).  Implementing this standard can forestall the lower ratings for communities that have been affected by last year’s large events.

Bob Pojasek has literally written the book on how to use international standards to advance management practices at the business, municipal and city level.  He is the author of “Organizational Risk Management and Sustainability: A Practical Step-by-Step Guide.”  (  Pojasek teaches an online, open enrollment course (“Fundamentals of Organizational Sustainability”) at Harvard University Division of Continuing Education.  He has served as the Chair of the Board of Directors for the Corporate Responsibility Association and as a member of the Board of Directors for the International Association of Sustainability Professionals.  

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